Monday, November 23, 2009

Wow, I need to post more lol. But first I need to go to bed. Goodnight!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Looks like our President is working on silently moving us into a new global direction. For those who do not know what a transnationalist is, its a person who feels that our constitution is subservient to european law. About half our supreme court justices think this way, as they have stated in certain cases where they have bypassed the consitution to explain why they voted the way they did. Here is a link to sign a letter of protest;

Monday, April 6, 2009

Keeneland Videos

Here are the two videos I took;

Church and Keeneland

On Sunday, I went to church with a friend from work, Grace Christian in Georgetown. Then I was off to Keeneland. Thankfully there was not the 30,000 people there like on Saturday. I would say mabe 18,000? Anyway I was able to watch races from the rail pretty easily, which is a first! It was really warm on both Saturday and Sunday. I thought it was going to be cold, so I wore a black long sleeved shirt. Yikes! It did start to cool off significantly at about 3pm, so I was glad I had it then. I have pictures of two horses I was interested in on the left is Keeneland09 and there are my pictures. I am in the process of downloading two mini movies I made of Affirmatif. He came into the paddock whinnying away. It was funny and made everyone laugh. I tried to get him on video, but he only did it twice. When my You Tube is done I will post it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tithing in the New Testament

When I was going to my friend's house one evening to ride her horse, I was listening to a radio program that has people call in and ask questions about the bible. One of the questions that day was about tithing. I can't remember why the caller asked the question or the background, but the host answered the question, saying that tithing was not taught in the New Testament as a new covenant practice. Well when I heard that I almost drove into a ditch. All my life I thought it was something commanded. Well, I looked up "tithing in the New Testament" on the internet and found that Jesus DID teach tithing while the old covenenant was still in effect; Matt 23:23,
Luke 11:42, are two of the more popular verses that are quoted to explain that we are still to tithe, but that was still under the old covenant. Jesus taught this in his ministry because it was in harmony with the law of Moses.

The position of Christ was that he was born under the law to save people who were under the law. He planted seeds of the new law while still acting and speaking within the law of the old covenant, like in Matt 8: 3-4. Hebrews 7: 4-10 talks about the example of Abraham paying tithes, again under the law of Moses, and how the Levites were supposed to recieve the money. After verse ten, one sees an explanation of the priesthood and the law.

Haha ok I am busy right now. To look at this more further please go to this web site;

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Way Of The Master

I just started this Bible Study/Course called "The School of Biblical Evangelism". Man it's large, like 101 lessons!!! It basically teaches how you use the law (10 commandments) to show people their need for Jesus. But that only covers 10 lessons lol. It looks like I will be learning lots of stuff.

The first lesson talks about Jesus, Paul, Stephen, all used the law. One interesting paragraph says this; "Prophecy speaks to the intellect of the sinner, while the Law speaks to the conscience. One produces faith in the Word of God, the other brings knowledge of sin in the heart of the sinner. The Law is the God-given 'key' to unlock the Door of salvation." *

You have to be specific in what a person has done wrong. Most people believe that they are no worse than anyone else and there are far worse people than they are, so it won't make sense to them to tell them about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins unless you are specific about sins. That's why you use the law, so they understand more clearly.

*The School of Biblical Evangelism, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, Bridge-Logos 2004, Pg12-14.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy at Work!

It is really wierd how it can be so very slow one day and the next day crazy, but that's how it has been the last two days. I worked until about 1:30 yesterday and today there was so much work I was still working at 6! I was in sorting most of the day, putting green totes on carts for the rebinners. I was over there by myself for awhile and a whole boatload came down and filled up all the isles. I spent more time fixing the totes so more could come down the conveyer belt than I did actually scanning totes! And the supervisors were nowhere to be found to help of course lol.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Found a Home

Great news! A home has been found for the two horses in Florida. They will be shipped FOR FREE by the lady's boyfriend in probably 2 weeks.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Horses that Need Help

While looking at horses for sale on Horsetopia I ran across an ad put up by an 85-year-old man. He is in failing health and says he can no longer properly take care of his 2 horses. He wants them with somebody who can provide them care and to live out there life in a pasture. In no way can these horses be seperated, they have been together for 20 years. One is 21 and the other is 25 years old. If anyone is in the area of Pennsylvania or Ohio and can help please do so. Bev from the Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue has been in contact with this man, but so many rescues are full, and cannot take them.
Here are the ads;

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Felt really sick earlier this morning. At about 2 am i had this wierd feeling in my upper stomach. I got up to use the restroom and a couple minutes later was nauseated. Had to go back and lay down! Then I felt like I had this horrid fever and it lasted about an hour. I fell asleep and felt better about an hour later, but had to get back up again to use the restroom and felt nauseated AGAIN. I eventually called work and took 5 hours personal time and went to work at 1pm. I still have that wierd feeling in my upper stomach but at least it isn't making me sick!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Living Situation and More Updates

Hi everyone! I am not very good with keeping up with this blog lol. Just an update to let everyone know that I have moved and now live in Lexington. I am about a mile from work and it's SO much better! Also in my Photobucket, if you click on it from my last post I have pictures from Lanes End and Darley on there from the open houses they each had.

Work is going very well. So far no layoffs for Amazon employees. The last time we had a "stand-up" meeting the speaker said that he could only tell us that there would not be layoffs in the next month. Amazon usually does quarterly projections, but since the financial market in the country is falling apart (speaker's words), Amazon doesn't know what is going to happen month-to-month, so they are only doing monthly projections now. The business is still growing, but just not as fast as they wanted it to grow.

So far I am stuck as to which church I want to attend. I have two that I like, Quest and Southland. Both of them are really good. I THINK I like Southland a little better though. the sermons have been more intriguing than the ones at Quest. Here are their web sites;

Also I think I am going to volunteer one day for the Rolex 3-day-eventing in April. Rolex donates a sizeable amount of money to a childrens hospital because they save money when they have volunteers. There is one day I can volunteer that I dont work. That is April 21st. Also on April 26th is the unveilling of the Barbaro Statue and I will be going to that. And also to the Derby Museum with some friends. That should be fun!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Three Chimneys Tour

Today I went on a tour of Three Chimneys, and it was great! There were only a few people..I think there were 9 scheduled to be there, but mabe the weather scared them off. It was cold and rainy. I thought I got some pretty good pictures though!

Ok first off when I got there I went to the Visitor's Center, posted above. Apparently my pictures are going to go to the top. While there they had a short movie going and it seemed to be more about Smarty Jones than anything, but I didn't see that much of it. They have a couple of really nice paintings of him and Stewert Elliot on the wall, plus all kinds of letters and some paper clippings on the wall about Smarty. On the center table they have brochures about the farm and the stallions.

Sorry the picture is blurry, but I think my camera wanted to focus on raindrops lol. This is Big Brown waiting anxiously to be put into his stall. I think most of the other stallions were in and he knew that. He is the first horse we saw as his paddock is near the Visitor's Center.
Here is my photobucket site with the pictures. I don't know yet how to post them the way I want. They all want to go up to the top of the page!
thought Big Brown looked really good since he really just came off the track. He felt very good and he did have both front feet wrapped in Duct tape and Vet Rap, but The Stallion Manager said that his front shoes were still on, and his hooves need to grow out from where they were injured, esp the one where he took off his quarter. The wraps were just there to protect his feet.
After we looked at Big Brown, we trotted off to the first big stallion barn. They actually have two big barns and a couple of smaller ones that house 2 stallions a piece. When we got in Smarty Jones had just been "collected" in the breeding shed, which is right off the barn, so we got a treat as the groom let him out into the main area and let us take pictures.
Sandy Hatfield (stallion manager) said that the farm still gets letters wondering about Smarty, and some people are very concerned that Big Brown will take over as the "big" horse there, but not to worry. Smarty is still the guy.
I had a bit of a hard time with the close up's of the head, because it was dark no matter if I used a flash or not.
One thing about Smarty, Sandy said he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, BUT he LOVES to bite, and he probably bites his groom at least once a day.
As soon as Smarty was put away, Big Brown came in out of the rain. as you can see his front feet are wrapped up. He was feeling really good and had a hard time standing still.
Sorry about the blurr, i was trying to get a good picture of his "birthmark" as Sandy called it.
After we went to the first stallion barn, we went outside and Sandy showed us the exercise ring they use for the injured or horses too mean to ride (AKA Dynaformer lol). Somebody asked about Big Brown, if he was being ridden and obviously he is not. I am not even sure he goes in the ring yet. Sandy said they like to make sure the stallions have a really good heart before they go into breeding season lol.
Before we went outside actually, we went into the breeding shed and she told us the process of the breeding. The floor is covered with 14 inches of recycled tire shreds and there are two areas in the room for breeding. One area is for mares taller than the stallions, and one for shorter mares. The taller mares stand just slightly below ground and the shorter mares are on a bit of a hill to make it easier for the stallions. The mares go into the teaser's shed right from the truck. The very first thing is that she is cleaned with soap and water, then they are first met by the teaser to make sure they are ready and to make sure they are not going to kill the stallion lol. If the mare is ok with everything she is led to the breeding shed and first they are fitted with boots on their back feet, so if they kick out, it won't be so bad. Then a lip twitch is used, to distract from the stuff going on in the shed, as these mares tend to be a little scared and not knowing what the heck is going on. Then a leather strap is fitted around a front leg, so as the stallion mounts it is lifted up so the mare cannot kick out, then her foot is put back down so she can carry his weight. After she is bred she goes right back on the truck and away she goes. The whole process is about 15 minutes.
After the breeding shed we went outside and thats when she told us about the exercise ring, and we went into one of the smaller barns that had two horses in it. I didn't get any pics of that barn but its kinda like a smaller version of the big ones, but these are actually made out of 200 year-old logs and they are Amish design. I believe Good Reward was in that barn.
After that we went into the second big barn and there was Dynaformer!
I think he had just come out of the rain too. Sandy said that he is bred to about 90 mares because of his age. Their limit is 110 mares for each stallion. I think Dynaformer and Rahy get the same number. I asked Sandy if La Ville Rouge will be bred back to Dynaformer this year and she figures that she will be, but she cannot be for certain. She figures she will be because the Jacksons really want that filly lol.
They had just been fed so he didn't care too much about us. Their food smelled really good. He had also just been brought out from outside.
On the other side of the second barn there are a pile of pastures, with a really wide area down between them. It is really nice looking and ALOT of room. After seeing the stallons Sandy took us to the cematary. Wild Again doesn't have a stone yet, it's apparently on order. His grave is covered in hay, so there was really nothing I could get a picture of.
That's it for the pictures. It is really a nice place and Sandy Hatfield is a really nice lady and very good tour guide! It costs $5 for a tour This is the first year they are charging, and it's because they have lost money like everyone else and they don't want to cut back on their charities. They give over $150,000 a year to charities, and so the tour money is going towards that.
She said that they sell about 500 horses a year, and I can't remember how much they make, but she said they lost about the same percentage of money as Keeneland did this November sale, which was about 45%.
Hope everyone enjoys the pictures. Sorry some of them are blurry.
Hope you read this as you look at the pictures. I will eventually learn how to post them right on the blog.

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