Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hi Everyone. My computer took longer to fix than I thought. they had it an extra week to do all the updates and fix it so it would go faster. I have been working full time at Amazon for 3 weeks now, but this week was the first time I got 40 hours. I worked 5 hours overtime today. I am basically a rebinner, but I learned a couple more things also. A rebinner scans the products and puts them on a cart that seperates all the orders. We get the products in totes that are on carts. Somebody in another part of the building (called "picking") gets the orders and puts them in the totes and when their hand held scanner says that tote is "done" they put the tote on a conveyer that brings it to the part of the building I am in. Then a sorter sorts out all the totes with their hand held scanners and puts them on carts, and when a cart is filled up we get it to scan and put them in individual orders. A couple weeks ago I tried picking but it made me dizzy lol. You are walking around in hundreds of isles and they have them sorted by letter and numbers, so you are walking and trying to follow the numbers and letters at the same time, and my eyes don't work that way!

I have got to download my camera on the computer since it was lost in the hard drive failure, but I will get the pictures of Keeneland and Kesmark up eventually. I have a photobucket site that I am going to download the pictures on and I will put the link to the site here.

Well thats all I can think of now. I will try hard to write some more tomorrow. A new lady is living here now to help with Dr Martin, so I will have more time to write stuff. But I am working full time now, but I will try to write more than I have. Talk to you all later!
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