Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't wrote in a month. Everything is going good here! There has been alot going on! Ellen, Dr Martin's sister found somebody who is willing to live in the other bedroom and help with Dr Martin, so I am excited about that! This will be good when I start full time at Amazon in a couple of weeks. I was out playing with the horses almost all day yesterday. One of the renters had the farrier come out and I when he was done I was putting them back in their paddocks, and then last night I rode for awhile at a friend's house.

I read a few books since then, the latest is a book called Hull House by Jane Addams. Jane started a famous settlement house in Chicago in 1889.

For weeks we haven't got any rain! But it finally did rain a bit last night. I don't really know how much, but it was enough to make the ground soft. I went out to pet the resident stallion, and my feet sank lol.
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