Monday, April 6, 2009

Church and Keeneland

On Sunday, I went to church with a friend from work, Grace Christian in Georgetown. Then I was off to Keeneland. Thankfully there was not the 30,000 people there like on Saturday. I would say mabe 18,000? Anyway I was able to watch races from the rail pretty easily, which is a first! It was really warm on both Saturday and Sunday. I thought it was going to be cold, so I wore a black long sleeved shirt. Yikes! It did start to cool off significantly at about 3pm, so I was glad I had it then. I have pictures of two horses I was interested in on the left is Keeneland09 and there are my pictures. I am in the process of downloading two mini movies I made of Affirmatif. He came into the paddock whinnying away. It was funny and made everyone laugh. I tried to get him on video, but he only did it twice. When my You Tube is done I will post it.

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