Monday, March 30, 2009

Tithing in the New Testament

When I was going to my friend's house one evening to ride her horse, I was listening to a radio program that has people call in and ask questions about the bible. One of the questions that day was about tithing. I can't remember why the caller asked the question or the background, but the host answered the question, saying that tithing was not taught in the New Testament as a new covenant practice. Well when I heard that I almost drove into a ditch. All my life I thought it was something commanded. Well, I looked up "tithing in the New Testament" on the internet and found that Jesus DID teach tithing while the old covenenant was still in effect; Matt 23:23,
Luke 11:42, are two of the more popular verses that are quoted to explain that we are still to tithe, but that was still under the old covenant. Jesus taught this in his ministry because it was in harmony with the law of Moses.

The position of Christ was that he was born under the law to save people who were under the law. He planted seeds of the new law while still acting and speaking within the law of the old covenant, like in Matt 8: 3-4. Hebrews 7: 4-10 talks about the example of Abraham paying tithes, again under the law of Moses, and how the Levites were supposed to recieve the money. After verse ten, one sees an explanation of the priesthood and the law.

Haha ok I am busy right now. To look at this more further please go to this web site;

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Way Of The Master

I just started this Bible Study/Course called "The School of Biblical Evangelism". Man it's large, like 101 lessons!!! It basically teaches how you use the law (10 commandments) to show people their need for Jesus. But that only covers 10 lessons lol. It looks like I will be learning lots of stuff.

The first lesson talks about Jesus, Paul, Stephen, all used the law. One interesting paragraph says this; "Prophecy speaks to the intellect of the sinner, while the Law speaks to the conscience. One produces faith in the Word of God, the other brings knowledge of sin in the heart of the sinner. The Law is the God-given 'key' to unlock the Door of salvation." *

You have to be specific in what a person has done wrong. Most people believe that they are no worse than anyone else and there are far worse people than they are, so it won't make sense to them to tell them about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins unless you are specific about sins. That's why you use the law, so they understand more clearly.

*The School of Biblical Evangelism, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, Bridge-Logos 2004, Pg12-14.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy at Work!

It is really wierd how it can be so very slow one day and the next day crazy, but that's how it has been the last two days. I worked until about 1:30 yesterday and today there was so much work I was still working at 6! I was in sorting most of the day, putting green totes on carts for the rebinners. I was over there by myself for awhile and a whole boatload came down and filled up all the isles. I spent more time fixing the totes so more could come down the conveyer belt than I did actually scanning totes! And the supervisors were nowhere to be found to help of course lol.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Found a Home

Great news! A home has been found for the two horses in Florida. They will be shipped FOR FREE by the lady's boyfriend in probably 2 weeks.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Horses that Need Help

While looking at horses for sale on Horsetopia I ran across an ad put up by an 85-year-old man. He is in failing health and says he can no longer properly take care of his 2 horses. He wants them with somebody who can provide them care and to live out there life in a pasture. In no way can these horses be seperated, they have been together for 20 years. One is 21 and the other is 25 years old. If anyone is in the area of Pennsylvania or Ohio and can help please do so. Bev from the Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue has been in contact with this man, but so many rescues are full, and cannot take them.
Here are the ads;

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