Friday, October 10, 2008

Hard Drive Failure

Hi Everyone. The hard drive in my computer crashed, so I will not have my computer for a couple of weeks. I am posting now from the library. I wanted to write about my day at keeneland racetrack and post pictures, but I will do that after I get my computer back. Also I got a tour of Kesmark, which is a Equine Rahab center and I was going to write about that too, but I will get to all that in a couple of weeks!

I will be working full time starting next Wednesday, so I probably won't be able to get to the library after that, or mabe even on Tuesday because I believe that is a mandatory work day. Amazon wants to do a "stress test" on all the computers to make sure they will work correctly by November, so I will probably be working that day. I will know for sure Saturday. See you all later!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Man Who Died and Came Back

This video is really amazing!

Jesus and the Old Testament

I have been doing an interesting bible study on the prophecies about Jesus in the OT. It's amazing how many there are (over 300) and I probably won't find them all. I am not sure there is a book that lists them all. You have to read all the books to find all 300. I am not going to write out all the verses, but just take time to compare these;
Micah 5:2 and Matt 2: 1-6
Isaiah 7:14 and Matt 1:18-25
Isaiah 35:5-6 and Luke 7:18-22
Zechariah 9:9 and Matt 21: 2-7
Zechariah 11:12 and Matt 26:14-16
Isaiah 50:6 and John 19:1-3/Matt 26:67
Psalm 34:20 and John 19:31-36
Psalm 16:9-10 and Acts 2:22-32

All of Psalm 22 talks about the crucifiction and all of Isaiah 53 is about the Person of Jesus Christ.

A really good book to read more about the prophecies is Evidence for Christianity, by Josh McDowell.
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