Thursday, February 26, 2009


Felt really sick earlier this morning. At about 2 am i had this wierd feeling in my upper stomach. I got up to use the restroom and a couple minutes later was nauseated. Had to go back and lay down! Then I felt like I had this horrid fever and it lasted about an hour. I fell asleep and felt better about an hour later, but had to get back up again to use the restroom and felt nauseated AGAIN. I eventually called work and took 5 hours personal time and went to work at 1pm. I still have that wierd feeling in my upper stomach but at least it isn't making me sick!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Living Situation and More Updates

Hi everyone! I am not very good with keeping up with this blog lol. Just an update to let everyone know that I have moved and now live in Lexington. I am about a mile from work and it's SO much better! Also in my Photobucket, if you click on it from my last post I have pictures from Lanes End and Darley on there from the open houses they each had.

Work is going very well. So far no layoffs for Amazon employees. The last time we had a "stand-up" meeting the speaker said that he could only tell us that there would not be layoffs in the next month. Amazon usually does quarterly projections, but since the financial market in the country is falling apart (speaker's words), Amazon doesn't know what is going to happen month-to-month, so they are only doing monthly projections now. The business is still growing, but just not as fast as they wanted it to grow.

So far I am stuck as to which church I want to attend. I have two that I like, Quest and Southland. Both of them are really good. I THINK I like Southland a little better though. the sermons have been more intriguing than the ones at Quest. Here are their web sites;

Also I think I am going to volunteer one day for the Rolex 3-day-eventing in April. Rolex donates a sizeable amount of money to a childrens hospital because they save money when they have volunteers. There is one day I can volunteer that I dont work. That is April 21st. Also on April 26th is the unveilling of the Barbaro Statue and I will be going to that. And also to the Derby Museum with some friends. That should be fun!!!
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